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Advent Darkness

The Alliance is weakened, and Cardin Kataar, now Prince of Tal, struggles to come to terms with his new role as leader of one of the kingdoms, while still maintaining his role as Keeper of the Sword. Holding together the fractured alliance becomes ever more difficult when he learns that an orc shaman survived the war, and now vies for peace with the Alliance.

Sira struggles with her new passenger, the dragonsoul now merged with her body, and is on indefinite leave from the Warriors. While trying to figure out where her companion ends and she begins, she grows frustrated, and on a whim, decides to accompany the Star Dragon Endri on a quest to find Nuuldan and determine who the Dark Dragon’s allies are. Along the way, she finds disturbing news, and makes a new, if questionable ally.

On Devor, Kailar works to help found a new country, the Devor Imperium, but they have limited resources and even less military might with which to defend themselves. This is made ever more apparent when there is an attempted assassination on the new Empress. Desperate for power and protection, an enticing offer comes in an unexpected form for the fledgling Imperium.

But time is running out. The Darksteel Army has set its sights upon Halarite, and if predictions and prophecies are true, there may be only days left until a worldwide invasion begins. Only by standing together does Halarite have a chance…but can everyone put aside old wounds and hatred long enough to unite?

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