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Magic is real. Babylonian gods are real, and they hunger for human souls. But Christopher Tatsu knows nothing about that – he’s just an engineer looking for his first job after college.

But his dreams tell another story – dreams of magic, of gargoyles, and of an anime-like elf. It gets weirder when the dreams come true, and Chris discovers that he can use magic. Except, magic can’t be real, can it? While struggling to come to terms with what he has seen and done, Chris learns about the Sentinels and their mission – protect the Barrier, a 4,000-year-old enchantment that has blocked magic from Earth and kept the Babylonian god Marduk at bay.

Marduk’s half-son Nabu has fractured the Barrier, and as magic courses into the fabric of Earth again, chaos and destruction follows. Whether he believes in magic or not, Chris becomes embroiled in the conflict for the fate of the Barrier, and the future of humanity. As the conflict escalates, one inescapable fact presents itself – Chris is tied to the Barrier more closely than anyone could have imagined.

So much for those job interviews.

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