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The Awakening

Controlled by a centuries-old lie, trapped between endless winter and the void of space, Mika must find the truth…

Mika is trapped in a world she detests – a town where magic is real, but who she is, what she does, and whom she must marry are all controlled by the mystical Oracle, the goddess who watches over Rhea.

All Mika wants is to go on adventures outside of town, with the woman she secretly loves.  But no one ever gets what they want in Rhea.  No one loves whom they choose.  And no one ever leaves.  “All are born here.  All will die here.”

But when magic fails, winter doesn’t end, and the Oracle falls silent, Mika and a small group must defy those laws and venture out into the unknown.

What they find shatters their reality – a portal to a starship, adrift in space, with systems failing and an A.I. desperate for help.

What does this starship have to do with Rhea?  Why was a portal to it opened just outside of Rhea?  And how can they save their home?  If Mika can’t find the answers, then everyone she knows will perish…

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