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Rise of the Forgotten

Who will be the Keeper of the Sword?

Scrounging for scraps and odd jobs, Cardin Kataar is just trying to survive.  He’d once trained to become a Warrior, elite guardians of one of the Four Kingdoms, but at the last minute, seeing how corrupt the Guilds had become, he turned them away, condemning himself to a life of poverty.

When Kailar, a power-hungry Mage, learns of the Sword of Dragons and embarks upon the line of quests to find it, a single upstart Wizard pleads for help.  Ignored by his peers and a prince, the Wizard turns to Cardin Kataar and hires him to help protect the Sword.

But this isn’t ‘just another job.’  The fate of all realms hangs in the balance, and only one shall become the new Keeper of the Sword.

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