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March 25th, 2024

Just a quick update, added a couple of new FAQ’s to the FAQ page.

February 17th, 2024

The next audiobook in the Sword of Dragons saga is now available! Head on over to Amazon, Audible, or iTunes to listen to Burning Skies today!

November 13th, 2023

For the first time ever, one of my novels is available as an audiobook! Rise of the Forgotten, the Sword of Dragons book 1, is available for your listening pleasure on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes! I will be submitting it to other vendors soon, including libraries!

Click here to visit the audibook’s Amazon page!

September 9th, 2023

The Awakening, Project Sirius book 1 is now available! Head on over to the book’s page to find your favorite online book store and order your copy today!

July 7th, 2023

The Awakening, Project Sirius book 1, has a release date, a cover, and pre-orders are live!

Click here to head on over to the book landing page for The Awakening to see, and pre-order your copy today!

June 30th, 2023

For the first time ever, a compilation has been made… The Chronicles of the Sentinels Digital Box Set is now available on Amazon Kindle! Head on over to Amazon to buy your copy today, and experience every moment of magic!

April 4th, 2023 has undergone a complete revamp in its design and theme usage, check it out!

December 3rd, 2022

Advent Darkness is available everywhere!

Click Here to purchase your Print Edition
Click Here to purchase your Kindle eBook Edition

October 12th, 2022

Advent Darkness is now available for Pre-Order in both Print and Kindle eBook!

Click Here to Pre-Order Print Edition
Click Here to Pre-Order Kindle eBook

October 2nd, 2022

The title for the next Sword of Dragons novel has been revealed!

Advent Darkness – The Sword of Dragons Book 4

Coming December 2022!

August 27th, 2022

Champions is now available everywhere! This concludes the Chronicles of the Sentinels trilogy, and I’m so excited to share it with you all and hear your reactions!

Head on over to the book’s dedicated page to find out how you can buy your copy today! Don’t miss one moment of this epic conclusion!

February 19th, 2022

Retribution is now available!!! Head on over to the book’s dedicated page to see all the places you can buy it!

December 13th, 2021

Pre-orders for Chronicles of the Sentinels Book 2 – Retribution are now available, and the release date has been set for February 19th, 2022!

August 7th, 2021

Chronicles of the Sentinels Book 1 – Legacy is live!!! If you missed it on the front page, go back there to see where to buy it, or head over to the book’s dedicated page for the links at the bottom!

June 30th, 2021

Pre-orders for the print edition of Chronicles of the Sentinels – Legacy are available! Click here to pre-order your copy today!!

This is a first for me – I’ve never managed to get pre-orders for print editions to work out, so I’m so stoked! I hope you all enjoy 😀

June 27th, 2021

Welcome to the first day of the rest of…wait, no, wrong movie. Let’s try that again.

Hi folks! Welcome to, a website dedicated to the fiction works of author Jon Wasik! What do I write? Fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi, mostly. I’m so excited for you to be here! No, the news section won’t be a blog, but since this is a website about moi (me) I thought why not give it a personal touch?

Today, we launch concurrently with the official cover reveal for my next novel, Chronicles of the Sentinels! Use that nifty menu above to find your way to Legacy’s page, and check it out for yourself! 😀

I know the website is relatively small, but I fully intend to grow it as I go, and you’re invited to come along on the journey! But if that’s too boring, then there’s always more fiction to escape into 🙂