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Do you have questions of your own? Head on over to the contact page and feel free to ask them!

Q: I really like your work and/or I want to support independent authors, how can I help?
A: This answer is three-fold. #1: Leave a rating and review for the books you’ve read! This is one of the biggest ways you can help! #2: Tell others about my books! Friends, family, anyone you can! Tell them which books you liked and why, and where they can find them! #3: Support! Buy or read as many of my books as you can, subscribe to my email list, engage on my blog, send me fan mail – any of those or all of those, they’ll help me out either with royalties or just by giving me a morale boost!

Q: When will you write the next Sword of Dragons novel?
A: The Sword of Dragons saga has become the most complex saga I’ve ever written, which in a way is awesome! I love how nuanced it is, and how much the characters have grown – believe me, they have a big place in my heart. The downside? Crafting full, complete novels takes more and more time, particularly now in the final stories, since there’s so many threads I need to wrap up. So, to answer this question, all I can say is that it will be as soon as possible! Don’t worry, though – I won’t take nearly as long as George R. R. Martin! I promise!

Q: Will there be any more Chronicles of the Sentinels novels?
A: At this time, I do not plan to write more. But I do have stories in mind, so this could very easily change someday. Honestly, if more and more readers show interest in it, I’m much more likely to write more Sentinels stories! I had ideas for at least 5 more novels after the initial trilogy, so there’s definitely room for more!

Q: Why are your eBooks only available on Kindle?
A: The short version is that I don’t pull enough readership to make ‘going wide’ a good idea. The long version: by being exclusive to Amazon Kindle, I’m able to enter my eBooks into the Kindle KDP Select, which makes my eBooks available in Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that allows readers to read anything ‘for free,’ minus their monthly subscription plan, and thus creates a relatively low-risk method for new readers to discover my work. Roughly 1/3rd of my royalties currently come from Kindle Unlimited readers at this time (which, granted, is a lot lower than the one-half that it used to be four years ago). As long as KU page reads remain a significant portion of my royalties, I will keep my eBooks exclusive to Kindle. Should that ever change, and eBook or physical purchases far out-strip KU, then I will happily pull my titles from Kindle Select and ‘publish wide’ to any and every platform that I can 🙂

Do you have questions of your own? Head on over to the contact page and feel free to ask them!