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Jon Wasik is the author of the YA Sci Fi series Project Sirius, the urban fantasy trilogy Chronicles of the Sentinels, and the fantasy/adventure series The Sword of Dragons. He also finds it awkward writing his own bio in the third person, but apparently, “This is the way.”

Oh yeah, and he has a movie, TV, or video game quote for just about everything 😉

While the Sword of Dragons saga was his first published work, he started in Star Trek fan fiction (no, not that kind of fan fiction!) because he always wanted to write Trek books, but when he was told ‘no one knows you, no one’s gonna hire you to write Trek books,’ he just decided to write Trek anyway.

He’s lived in the core of the United States of America, but has moved around a lot. These days, Colorado is his home, but who knows where he’ll end up next!

When not writing, he loves to game, watch movies and shows, read books, and when there’s money and time to spare, he and his wife love to travel! (His wife is a certified Disnerd, or Disney Nerd, so Disneyland and Disney World are frequent destinations!)