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Retribution continues the Chronicles of the Sentinels trilogy and picks up just 10 weeks after Legacy!

What happens when you piss off a Babylonian demigod?

Chris, Alycia and Emmi have spent the summer training in the mountains to become Sentinels, honing their magic while learning combat skills. But on the day of their final trial, Nabu, very much alive and sporting a new body, launches an all-out assault against them. Nabu’s only demand – return Imhullu, or she will exact revenge not just upon the Sentinels, but upon everyone they love.

As the demigod carves a bloody and destructive path through the lives of the Sentinels, Chris must ascertain not only why Nabu needs the soul-consuming dagger, but also how to once and for all destroy her. The fate not just of his loved ones hangs in the balance, so too does the fate of every single human soul.

Now available in print at all major book sellers and on eBook on Amazon Kindle!