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Chronicles of the Sentinels Trilogy Digital Box Set

Now available as a digital box set, experience every moment of magic and adventure in the complete Chronicles of the Sentinels Trilogy!

Magic isn’t real. That’s what Chris Tatsu tells himself even when he dreams of magic every day. Even when those dreams start to come true.

But when the barrier blocking magic around Earth begins to unravel, and Chris manifests incredible powers, the truth becomes impossible to deny.

Magic is real. Babylonian gods are real.

And they hunger for human souls.

Now Chris and his friends Emmi and Alycia are thrust into a war for the very fate of humanity and the future of magic on Earth. With a gun-toting elf, a greedy gnome, and a tiny dragon obsessed with bottle caps for allies, they must stand up against a body-switching demigod, an illusive collector of magical oddities, and the patron god of Babylon himself, Marduk.

Failure will plunge 8 billion souls into servitude or oblivion. But is the cost of victory too great?

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle!