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The final book in the Chronicles of the Sentinels trilogy, Champions starts just 3 months after Retribution!

On the run, fugitives from the law, and cut off from all resources, Chris Tatsu and the Sentinels have spent the past three months just trying to survive.

But survival isn’t enough – Nabu’s plans are close to completion, and the threat of Marduk’s return looms over the Sentinels. During a desperate rescue mission to break Tom out of an enchanted prison, things grow even more complicated when Chris encounters Ash, an unusual and powerful person whose connection to the Barrier and its millions of souls matches Chris’s.

Now Chris must unravel the mystery of Ash and determine how they will ultimately affect his destiny. While the magic-sensing hunters sent by Nabu close in and pursue the Sentinels around the globe, one thing becomes clear to Chris – the destiny of the champion is at hand, and either they will emerge victorious, or the very soul of humanity will perish.

Now available in print at all major book sellers and on eBook on Amazon Kindle!